Classical Music

Carnatic Classical music is one of India's most ancient forms of music, rich with tradition and melody. It is widely popular and holds a prestigious place in South Indian culture. Here, we present whistle and Vocal in pure Carnatic style.

The Rare Melody
Whistle Wizard K. Siva Prasad has used his unique whistling capabilities and trained his voice to emit beautiful Carnatic classical music through whistle. We present here in this album, a rare medium of melody. The rendition is neither vocal nor instrumental, but is the soothing sound waves deliver...
Raga Madhuryam
A humble effort to unearth some of the best music talents of Andhra Pradesh Sri Komanduri Seshadri, a pure traditionalist from a Vainika family, holds a Masters Degree in Vocal from the Mysore University. Son of the famous Vainika Vidwaan, K. Ananthacharyulu, he was coached under his uncle Vainika ...