Neelimegham Instrumental Volume 4

Neelimegham Instrumental Volume 4

Album Price: $ 7.99

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Music (Orchestration): K Ramachari  Keyboard: SK Chinna Flute: Datta Concept, Direction, Production: Srinivas Bhagi


The overwhelming response we received for the previous volumes of Neelimegham resulted in the release of Neelimegham Volume IV in 2000. Some more gems of Telugu cinema are recorded on 16 track digital audio equipment for your pleasure & entertainment.

List of Album Songs

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S.No Song Name Price Click to Listen Add to Cart
1 01-kalavaramaye madilo - Track 1 $ 2.99
2 02-Andame aanandam - Track 2 $ 2.99
3 03-Nee Madi challaga - Track 3 $ 2.99
4 04-Na kanti papalo - Track 4 $ 2.99
5 05-Enta sogasuga unnavu - Track 5 $ 2.99
6 06-Nalo nee vai - Track 6 $ 2.99
7 07-Endunnavo ho cheli- Track 7 $ 2.99
8 08-Nelavanka Tongi chusindi - Track 8 $ 2.99
9 09-Leta Gulabi - Track 9 $ 2.99
10 10-Oh Ho basti dorasani - Track 10 $ 2.99

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