Neelimegham Instrumental Volume 2

Neelimegham Instrumental Volume 2

Album Price: ₹ 95.00

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Music (Orchestration): Ramachari
Flute: Datta
Concept, Direction, Production: Srinivas Bhagi

Super duper Telugu film melodious hits on instruments Volume 2. The stupendous success of Neelimegham Vol. I led to release the second volume of Neelimegham, which consists of a rare and superb collection of old hit Telugu melodies. All the songs have been rendered on the original flute by Datta. A unique experiment which has never before been attempted in the music field was tried by us - that of using the Top Flute for the male voice and the Base Flute for the female voice.

List of Album Songs

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S.No Song Name Price Click to Listen Add to Cart
1 01-Enneno enneno - Track 1 ₹ 40.00
2 02-Sipayi sipayi - Track 2 ₹ 40.00
3 03-Veena Venuavaina - Track 3 ₹ 40.00
4 04-Mallelu Puse - Track 4 ₹ 40.00
5 05-Sadi Cheyako Gali - Track 5 ₹ 40.00
6 06-Vastadu Na Raju - Track 6 ₹ 40.00
7 07-Ravi Varma ke- Track 7 ₹ 40.00
8 08-Aakasam Dinchala - Track 8 ₹ 40.00
9 09-Neeli Meghama - Track 9 ₹ 40.00
10 10-Nuvvu Na Mundunte - Track 10 ₹ 40.00

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