Veda Shakthi

Veda Shakthi

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Rendered by: Shri Chandukudlu Balachandra Bhat
Production: Srinivas Bhagi


Mahageeta presents – Veda Shatki an album that gives you the excerpts of Rigveda, rendered very soulful by Shri Chandukudlu Balachandra Bhat & his disciples. Shri Balachandra Bhat is an eminent Rigveda Ghanapaathi from Sringeri. He studied Rigveda recitation for 5 years in Sringeri sharada peetham, Sringeri, Karnataka. There are numerous awards to his credit such as Rigveda Ghanaantha Vidwan, Rigveda Samhita Paathi, Rashtra Bhasha Visarada and so on. He is also a mastered and teaches Rigveda recitation to students. He has travelled widely around the world for a number of seminars and is a recipient of many prestigious awards from several institutions in the related field.

We are fortunate to have the four Vedas originating from our country. It is said that listening to these Vedas regularly gives us innumerable benefits in our lives. When Vedas are rendered regularly, a vibrant and positive atmosphere is created in the area, thereby ushering in peace, wisdom & prosperity.

This unique album can be a divine gift for people you honour & admire. 


  1. Agni Sooktham
  2. Ganesh Sooktham
  3. Purusha Sooktham
  4. Devi Shooktham
  5. Raathree Shooktham
  6. Baliththa Shooktham
  7. Sowbhaagya Shooktham
  8. Swasthi Shooktham
  9. Shaanthi Shooktham

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