Bal Sanskaar Vol -2

Bal Sanskaar Vol -2

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Music: N. Gayathri

Sung By: N. Gayatri & Children of MDM Academy   

Assisted by:Mahesh Dheera, MDM Academy      

Children: Pranavi joshi, Pragna Joshi, Jotirmayee, Supratheek

Concept, Direction & Production: Srinivas Bhagi


Sanskrit slokas for Children & Elders for daily prayers.

Mahageeta presents ‘Sanskaar’ a rare album of sacred slokas sung by small children. Compiled from our ancient literature, this album is useful for children as well as elders for daily listening & prayers. These slokas are accompanied by melodious and tuneful music by Ms. Gayathri, a well-known playback singer in Telugu cinema. Her rendition of the slokas as the lead singer, followed by the earnest voices of the students of MDM Academy makers this album appear in the Guru-Shishya format of education. Mr. Mahesh Dheera, founder of the MDM academy, has facilitated the audio mixing of his students’ voices with utmost care. The youngest singer of this album is only 6 years old.

Our mission behind this album is to present these powerful slokas to the present & future generations as a legacy of our culture and tradition. We hope that by inculcating the habit of chanting these slokas at a tender age, children will attain wisdom, humanity, positive energy, sound character, good health, peace & prosperity. Each sloka has a unique effect on the person reacting it, if chanted regularly with devotion.

The idea behind having child artists for singing these slokas is to encourage other kids to learn and inspire. It will be easy for children to relate to kids of their age and thereby be motivated to learn these chants too. This album can be a special & useful gift for the kids you love.

List of Album Songs

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S.No Song Name Price Click to Listen Add to Cart
1 01_vakra ₹ 20.00
2 02_shuklaam ₹ 20.00
3 03_skandaaya ₹ 20.00
4 04_shivaputraya ₹ 20.00
5 05_gange ₹ 20.00
6 06_tryambakam ₹ 20.00
7 07_namashivaya ₹ 20.00
8 08_vagardha ₹ 20.00
9 09_guruvae ₹ 20.00
10 10_namahpranava ₹ 20.00
11 11_dhyanamulamm ₹ 20.00
12 12_ramaya ₹ 20.00
13 13_srirama ₹ 20.00
14 14_apadamapa ₹ 20.00
15 15_manojavam ₹ 20.00
16 16_anjana ₹ 20.00
17 17_buddirbalam ₹ 20.00
18 18_krishnaya ₹ 20.00
19 19_govimda ₹ 20.00
20 20_vasudevasutam ₹ 20.00
21 21_vag visasya ₹ 20.00
22 22_srinrusimha ₹ 20.00
23 23_devataakarya ₹ 20.00
24 24_adityayacha ₹ 20.00
25 25_ramaskandam ₹ 20.00
26 26_achyutaya ₹ 20.00
27 27_sharire ₹ 20.00
28 28_shanti ₹ 20.00

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