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Read about the beginning and progress of Mahageeta Music Company.Mahageeta Music has been in the industry of music and entertainment from the past 18 years and has now earned a respectable reputation for itself. Navigate to the drop down above under 'About us' to visit various sections that include Mahageeta Music Company's vision and policies, details of dealers, testimonials from our customers and the prestigous projects Mahageeta has been involved in. Also read about Srinivas Bhagi, the Founder, Producer-Director of Mahageeta Music Company and his interests in astrology!

"Thank you for taking the time to know us better! Mahageeta Music Company is a 19 year old, registered, Trademarked company in the music and entertainment industry. Founded in 1994 by Srinivas Bhagi, Mahageeta Music has created a niche place for itself in the field of meditation, relaxation music and Telugu Karaoke. Stepping humbly into the melodious music world dominated by stalwarts like HMV, T-Series and Music Today, Mahageeta soon created its own unique space and earned tremendous popularity among music lovers. The footing was humble, but firm. The ambitions were high. A firm resolve of creating excellent quality music and the finest combinations of melodious tunes enabled our company create a niche for itself in a remarkably short time. The focus was on creating high quality fusion, relaxation, meditation and devotional music, and we are proud to say that this focus has never been lost."

To provide exceptional quality melodious music for relaxation, meditation and devotion to the world with innovative usage of Indian & Western musical instruments, thereby enabling customers to achieve relaxation and peace of mind.

"Mahageeta Music products are also available on and will soon be featured on is a partner site of Mahageeta Music.Mahageeta Music has dealers all over Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to distribute our products. Shipping Partners: DTDC"

Mahageeta Music Company has worked with several prestigious companies. The list of illustrious companies include All India Radio, HLFPPT, Andhra Pradesh Family Welfare Department, Oakridge International School, Hyderabad, Nagarjuna Group etc. Projects include creating audio masters, refurbishing old All India Radio music archives, CD and audio cassette replication, duplication of CDs, designing and packaging services.

mahageeta music company director Srinivas Bhagi is the Founder, Producer and Director of Mahageeta Music Company. An Electronics and Management Graduate, Srinivas Bhagi began this company with the sole vision of providing high quality melodious music for relaxation. In his words: "I strongly believe that melodious music leads to good health. Good melodious music is known to have a remarkably soothing effect on a person's nerves and brain. At Mahageeta Music Company, we strive to provide the best kind of melodious music for easy listening to enhance your pleasure and provide you with the most enjoyable form of relaxation and entertainment. Our sincere endeavor is to create concepts in fusion music, that have so far been unexplored and are original. I also believe that children of this age are more exposed to lots of different kind of entertainment channels and are unable to appreciate pure, melodious, music.Our aim therefore, is to produce more albums for children that are clean, entertaining, melodious and enjoyable. Our first VCD, 'Chinnari Chitti Paatalu,' (Telugu rhymes for little children) is a solid step in this direction. Our other releases for children like 'Chinnari Chitti Paatalu,' 'Chinnari Laali Kathalu' and 'Chinnari Jolalu' have also been released especially for providing clean, wholesome entertainment for children.

You will also find your beloved old Telugu film tunes here in the 'Neelimegham' series. Also, for all those aspiring singers, we proudly present 'Neelimegham Karaoke.' We're the first company to create Telugu Karaoke and make the lives of so many upcoming singers more melodious."

Apart from music, other interests of Srinivas Bhagi are philosophy and spiritual studies, politics, astrology, numerology, metaphysics, parapsychology and blogging.

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