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Kabir Vaani

The philosophical gems of Sant Kabir Das.

Music: Rajendra Sharma

Vocals: Anupama Srivastava

Production: Srinivas Bhagi

Mahageeta presents the much coveted, philosophical, soulful bhajans of Sant Kabir Dasji, sung melodiously by Anupama Srivastava and very beautifully composed by Shri Rajendra Sharma.

Anupama Srivastava is an upcoming singer from New Delhi and has sung in a number of audio albums and TV channels. Rajendra Sharma is a veteran music composer and has many monumental achievements to his credit in his musical journey. 

Sant Kabir Das was an orthodox poet of medieval times who propagated the philosophy of devotion towards the formless. When it comes to describing the absolute truth, there is not much scope for debate. It can only be experienced by the heart and not by any tangible means. The formless truth thus appears by itself as an experience alone. Kabir has beautifully explained the love between God and his devotee by comparing it with love between mortals.

List of Songs in the Album

 Song NamePrice($)Click to Listen
Kaun Milave Jogiya 2.99
Is Ghat Antar 2.99
Balam Avoge 2.99
Man Laago 2.99
Prem Nagar Ka 2.99
Nisdin Khelat 2.99
Mori Chunari 2.99
Sadhu So Satguru 2.99


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Album Price

$. 8.99
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