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Neelimegham Karaoke Volume 4

Melodious sing along tracks of super hit Telugu film songs. Volume 4.

Music (Orchestration): K. Ramachari

Concept, Direction, Production: Srinivas Bhagi

You may be interested in knowing more about Karaoke. Karaoke is a concept that has proved to be extremely encouraging to singers, both amateurs and professionals, worldwide. Karaoke tracks enable the singer to practice music along with the track, without having to spend on an elaborate orchestra. These are also called 'sing-along' tunes.

Mahageeta is the first company to release Telugu Karaoke and make the lives of many upcoming singers more melodious. We've released Telugu Karaoke in the 'Neelimegham' series and in the 'Tanmayatvam' series. Not only do we provide you high quality tracks or sing along tunes to practice, we also provide you the lyrics of the songs in the form of small, free booklets. All you have to do is listen to the original track and practice along with the Karaoke track!

This is the karaoke version of Neelimegham Volume 4.

List of Songs in the Album

 Song NamePrice($)Click to Listen
Kalavaramyaye Madilo Karaoke 1.99
Andame Anandam Karaoke 1.99
Nee Madi Challaga Karaoke 1.99
Na Kanti Papalo Karaoke 1.99
Yenta Sogasuga Karaoke 1.99
Neelo Nenai Karaoke 1.99
Endunnavo Ho Cheli Karaoke 1.99
Nelavanka Tongi Chusindi Karaoke 1.99
Leta Gulabi Karaoke 1.99
Oh Ho Basti Dorasani Karaoke 1.99


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Album Price

$. 7.99
Incl. of VAT.

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