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Waves of Melody

Flute solo for Meditation


Flute: Dr. Ramachandra Murthy,

Guitar: Neeraj

Recorded at SVC Studio

Sound Recordist: Vijay Haldekar

Concept, Production, Direction: Srinivas Bhagi

Your search for peace of mind and for music that helps you remain calm and controls your blood pressure, comes to a halt here with our specialized scientific music based upon music therapy.

With the help of an original bamboo flute rendered beautifully by Dr. Ramachandra Murthy, this rare album ‘Waves of Melody’ is all about attaining peace of mind and the ‘No Thought Level’ in the Meditation process. The recording was done in a digital studio. During the recording, the flautist (flute player) immersed himself in Dhyana or Meditation and played the flute at extempore. This exercise and experiment is only to have the best melodious output so that every listener’s heart and soul are moved with joy and ecstasy. All the lights inside the studio were put off while recording for tranquility in environment. We have used an original tanpura (tambura) in the backdrop for serenity. An original guitar played very pleasantly by Neeraj is also used occasionally in the entire program in the backdrop.

This album is made totally under the guidance of Srinivas Bhagi, who has learned Transcendental Meditation in Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram and has been practicing meditation since a long time.  All the ragas on which the six bits of music, rather the six stages of meditation are based, have been very carefully selected by Srinivas Bhagi after a long research in this field. 

List of Songs in the Album

 Song NamePrice($)Click to Listen
The Invitation for Meditation 3.99
Warming up the Soul 3.99
Starting the Meditation 3.99
Searching for Inner Levels of Soul 3.99
The No-Thought Level 3.99
Release of Meditation Process 3.99


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Album Price

$. 12.99
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